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Ruket Security Systems, Electronic Security Company in Lagos Nigeria, is a leading provider of security systems solutions in Nigeria and West Africa. We approach all our security design and installation from the technologic and security angle. We believe that security technology solutions should directly address specific security problems.


Our Electric fencing products and installation work to ensure the safety of your home, family, business and property....

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CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, refers to electronic monitoring systems which make use of video cameras, connecte...

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electric fence in nigeria

An electric gate is an entrance gate which can be opened and closed via an electric powered mechanism. Driveway gate ...

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We provide various security solutions for hospitals and medical centers to protect patients and medical staff alike.


Schools also benefit from our services-attendance systems. CCTV, Electric fencing and more to provide overall security.


Places of worship need the highest level of security they can afford for a number of reasons. We provide end to end solutions for such.


Businesses that handle cash require a different approach to security systems design. We have expertise in this industry also.


End to end system monitoring is essential in manufacturing operations. A good number of our clients are in this industry.


We research various industries and provide industry relevant and effective security systems solutions to meet their requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are wireless systems available. These wireless systems helps us to install our security systems with putting holes on your walls or property during the installation.

Yes, your system will continue to work on a battery backup (length of backup time will vary by panel type) our security systems can also be run using small solar panel which eliminates the issues of power supply.

Modern indoor/outdoor video surveillance for home security is full color, full motion and high resolution. The security cameras have night vision and quickly adapt to changes in lighting. Some allow remote monitoring and control via a mobile device or desktop computer.

The main difference between indoor and outdoor security cameras is the construction quality; it varies because outdoor cameras need to withstand harsher conditions. Some outdoor security cameras are enhanced with heaters and fans to help protect against the elements. Outdoor cameras also need to be more durable because they’re particularly vulnerable to attempted disabling by criminals. Some are housed in especially tamper-proof casings.
When choosing video surveillance you can choose between fixed and moving cameras. In some cases a fixed camera makes the most sense. When a moving camera is best, dome cameras are recommended because they make it more difficult to evade view. A dome camera can cover 360 degrees but makes it impossible for onlookers to know where the lens is pointed.

Home security systems can be fully functional even when pets, flowers or vegetation share your home. First, a typical motion sensor won’t detect a cat, dog or anything else under 40 pounds. (Sensors with different weight settings are available too.) Second, modern home security technology can distinguish between the movements of humans and our animal companions. Speed and movement patterns are considered along with mass to help ensure that pets don’t trigger false alarms.

The cost of security system greatly varies depending on factors such as site/property size, equipment, contracts, monitoring and more.

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